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The LiveJournal community for WomenGamers.com members. We seek to promote polite, friendly, open discussion on gaming from a female perspective with other like-minded individuals. No flaming, harassment, or profanity will be permitted: it's possible to have different opinions while still being civil, after all.

All posts should be on-topic: this LJ is not just a generic female gamers community: it is the LJ for WomenGamers.com, and is intended to be a place where members of WG.com who have LiveJournals can gather. We also ask community members to please use the lj-cut tag for longer posts. Also, please do not advertise other communities here without asking permission of the moderator first. Yes, it's a little more structured, but still a friendly group. :)

Additionally, we ask that posters and respondents be polite and courteous. Please keep longer posts behind an lj-cut tag. No nudity, profanity, or otherwise inappropriate content. This community is viewed by people of differing ages and cultural backgrounds, so please be considerate. Also, please do not post in all caps; follow traditional rules of "netiquette." If you have a question, ask the moderator before posting.

All images used in the community should be "work safe."

Please do not post promotions for other communities, or make posts concerning the sale or promotion of any product, web site, or item, without asking the moderator first. In other words, no solicitations of any sort without permission. The easiest way to do this is just to post a comment in entj's personal journal.

Community moderated/maintained by entj.

NOTE: As of 2/6/2006, this community is closed for the foreseeable future. Please utilize womengamers_rss for your WomenGamers.com news needs. Thanks for your interest!

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