Manda (mynda) wrote in womengamers,

Hello there!

I stumbled across this place, looking for reviews and thoughts on World of Warcraft. Who knew there was a community for women gamers? Awesome.

I suppose I should introduce myself:
My name is Amanda. I'm 20 years old, from Massachusetts. I started text-based adventure games probably as soon as I could read (think 5-6 years old... yeah.) And aside from X-Box, I've owned just about every gaming system that's come out. I'm a fan of RPGs, mostly, and racing games, but recently I've been in the market for a good MMORPG. About a year ago, I got dragged into FFXI, which I consider one of the most expensive gaming mistakes I've ever made. (No offense to those of you who may play and enjoy... but when you play for three months, and your linkshell dissolves, leaving you with nobody to party with... it just stops being worth it.) Currently, I'm home from school for vacation, and until my job starts, I'm playing the new Paper Mario, since Ragnarok Online has also lost my interest.

Any suggestions? I have a fair amount of friends playing WoW (what gamer doesn't?) but I've heard mixed reviews about the experience. I suppose I'm still collecting information before I decide. In the meantime, I'm still looking for alternatives. Help?
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