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I'm greatly annoyed by the assumptions made by people...

So, I go to EB in the mall after work. This is the EB I go to on my lunch break all the time... with other employees from my company. In fact, I wear work related shirts a lot when I go in there (and I work for a game company). My husband had asked if I wanted to get Doom 3 tonight and I said, "Hell yeah I want Doom 3."

So, I go in and see they have copies and walk to the counter. Jim, someone who interviewed at Jason's work for a test job, is working. This guy has also seen me in there all the time. I just say, "Doom 3." He smiles and hands it to me and I hand him my check card. THEN HE LOOKS AT JASON and says, "Now, Jason, you're sure your system will run this right."

Um, hello? Is Jason buying the game? No. *I* asked for it. I say, "Um, this is for me. And I can assure you my system is definitely capable of running this game considering I'm a compatibility tech by trade and love PC hardware." I must have looked pretty indignant and annoyed at his assumption I was buying this for Jason because a look of shock came over his face as he either realized his folly or tried to absorb the fact that a girl was buying a relatively violent game. Jason responded, "No, this is for her. She's the FPS nut. I prefer strategy games."

He should just consider himself lucky I'm short and wouldn't have been able to reach him over that counter if I'd wanted to.

That's right, little man. I like to shoot people and blow sh*t up.

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